The Justice for Gaia manifesto, which puts forwards demands around policing, mental health and social support, was created because lives like Gaia’s are still being risked and lost because of outdated policies, devastating funding cuts and a toxic culture of misogyny within many of our public services.  

The manifesto emerged from what we learned during the inquest into Gaia’s death, as well as talks with leading womens’ rights organisations, mental health experts and disability rights campaigners about what needs to change to save lives like Gaia’s. We are demanding that survivors get the support they deserve and that their voices are heard so we can all live in safer and fairer communities. 

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  1. Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss. I was gang raped 45 years ago and have been badly affected ever since. I believe that unless the reason why men rape and commit sexual crimes is addressed nothing will change. This is and always has been a problem caused by the male species. The statistics say it all. Is it is that men have a predisposition to rape ? A controversial statement and not one that will be accepted as a reason by many. These questions must be asked and answered. It is our humanitarian right to feel safe but we are being failed in so many ways. Unless we can understand why men rape and then act accordingly I cannot see an end to these horrendous crimes. Regards, Ann


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