Please STOP HERE and take a few minutes to sign and share this petition to demand that the UK government ratify the Istanbul Convention on Violence Against Women. This law which helps prevent violence, protect survivors and prosecute perpetrators, was signed by the government in 2012 but they still haven’t put it into practice. It would improve education, prevent further cuts to domestic violence refuges and specialist support services and make it a legal requirement for the government to provide sufficient shelter and support for survivors.

Sexual Violence

Watch this incredible interview with survivor Fern Champion speaking out about her experience, which was also Gaia’s and so many others’. Content warning: contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence.

Mental Health

  • Hundreds of vulnerable patients have died since 2012 following failings by health bodies. Independent investigations have found poor, inadequate or delayed care
  • 75% of mental health issues develop under the age of 24, often as a result of trauma, yet young people’s services receive less than 7% of mental health funding.
  • The Association of Child Psychotherapists identifies a ‘silent catastrophe’ in child and adolescent mental health services. Support on the NHS, especially in terms of specialist or acute services, is becoming increasingly difficult to access. The result has been rising suicide rates and countless people with nowhere else to go into hospital, increasing pressure on A&E departments.

Sexual Violence & Mental Health

Almost half of women who experience severe mental distress are survivors of sexual violence.

Government funding cuts have forced the majority of Rape Crisis Centres to cut services or close down, with just 21% of services now fully funded and survivors waiting on average three months for support and counselling. Support for those needing to rebuild their lives after rape is now “a privilege determined by a postcode lottery.” Survivors of sexual and domestic violence are being turned away from shelters and onto the streets at a rate of 200 per day.

Learn More

To learn more about families like us fighting for truth, justice and accountability after losing someone they love in state care or in detention, visit INQUEST.

To learn more about sexual and domestic violence, support for survivors and campaigns for change, check out these amazing organisations:

Further reading on the crisis & recommendations for the change we need:

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