How You Can Help – Take Action

Here are a few simple ways you can help:

  1. Take a stand. Remember Gaia and show support for the family campaign online. Make your own Justice For Gaia sign (it can be artsy but it doesn’t have to be!) and post a photo online with the hashtag #JusticeForGaia and a few words of support. Please also send to If you don’t wish to show your face you can light a candle for Gaia and take a picture of that instead.
  2. Sign this petition demanding that the UK government ratify the Istanbul Convention, a law which could have saved Gaia’s life. It will help prevent abuse, protect survivors and prosecute perpetrators. The government signed it in 2012 but still hasn’t delivered on its promise.
  3. Help us get the word out. Follow Justice for Gaia on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and show your support by registering your interest in Gaia’s inquest via our event page. You can also help raise awareness by sending direct messages inviting friends to join you –  for a grassroots, unfunded, family-led campaign it makes all the difference.
  4. Share our call for others to come forward. We’re asking any other victims and survivors of Connor Hayes and his associates – or witnesses to their offenses – to come forward confidentially to the Centre for Women’s Justice. The CWJ is an independent legal charity that is completely separate from the police. This is a really powerful action to take especially if you live in Dorset.
  5. Make something beautiful. Gaia was an artist, so the #ArtForGaia project seemed like the perfect way to honour her. We’re encouraging everyone to take part, not just “artists” and though we’ve received some spectacular submissions, every one is treasured so whether you so whether you’re remembering Gaia or expressing your own experiences with mental health, sexual violence or gender inequality – please do send something in.

For whatever you do – thank you.

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