Make something beautiful for Gaia.

Art For Gaia hopes to bring together contributions from artists, the public and survivors, in memory of Gaia and to highlight pressing social justice issues around sexual violence, mental health and inequality.

Gaia was an artist, so this seems like the perfect way to honour her memory. Inspired by the incredible craftivism of the #JusticeforLB campaign, we’re asking people to get creative.

With the inquest postponed, it’s a chance to show that Gaia won’t be forgotten – however long it takes – and create a forum for people to speak to some of the challenges she faced – and many others do, too.

Art for Gaia, which is being followed by BBC News, is one way the campaign seeks to raise awareness and create a space where people can be heard, the way Gaia deserved to be heard.

All forms of art are welcome. So, whether you collage, carve or crochet, film, draw or make sculptures out of baby bell skins, and whether you do it well or badly (because it really is the thought that counts) – make something beautiful for Gaia to show she’s still in your thoughts.

Need some ideas to get you started? Visit our facebook album to see some of the photo submissions we’ve had so far – and here are some images that make us think of her: robins, rainbows, butterflies, deer, trees and anything that says ‘strong woman’.

Send photos of your project in to justice4gaia@gmail.com or share them on twitter with the hashtag #ArtForGaia

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