Gaia’s Guide

Thanks to community organising efforts led by friends and family, Gaia’s story made national headlines, hundreds of people joined the search and thousands more took action in an enormous grassroots effort to find her. Designed to help loved ones when someone goes missing, Gaia’s Guide is the resource we wish we’d had then. It provides step-by-step guidance on how we did it. It covers everything from how to organise a search and engage the public to dealing with the press and police and is free to download here.

“When Gaia went missing I didn’t know what to do, none of us knew what to do. We knew with public backing and attention the police would have to do something but I didn’t know how to get the word out. If it wasn’t for Marienna and all the volunteers I think we’d still be searching. We want to offer the guide so families know what to do. When someone you love disappears it’s hard to even think straight. Hopefully Gaia’s Guide will help.”

Gaia’s twin sister Maya Pope-Sutherland

“Gaia’s guide is an amazing resource, not only because it’s so informative but because it’s been made with such thoughtful consideration towards the missing person themselves as well as those affected. What a great thing for her family to want to do to help others.” 

Jane Hunter, Senior Research and Impact Manager at Missing People

“Gaia’s Guide has been a labour of love for her. Though in cases like Gaia’s community action can be the difference between life and death, shockingly there are no national police procedures informing families what they can expect. That needs to change. Meanwhile, going back over what happened hasn’t been easy but it’s worth it if Gaia’s Guide can help other families through that nightmare and bring even one missing person to safety.”

Gaia’s cousin, Marienna Pope-Weidemann

“It’s heart warming to see something good come from such a tragic event. There is something very powerful about family members using their own experiences to help and support others. We’re pleased to include this brilliant resource on our website. Gaia’s family should feel proud of this great work; it’s a wonderful way to honour her memory.”

Remi Arnold, Family Support Manager at Missing People

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